Kirk/Sarek Drunken Affair mpreg

ok so lately i've had this urge for a Jim Kirk/Sarek fic. Like from out of nowhere i just started wanting it. Like Ambassador Sarek decides to indulge in some tasty chocolatey treats while on earth for business and meets Jim. Jims like 18 or whatever (basically young) and not yet in the academy (ohhh make him younger and its teen pregnancy) and gets knocked up (i kid u not, its mpreg! Like my mind is a palace of unusual ideas) anyway Sarek is still married to Amanda (whos amazing cuz i cant have her be horrible but is understandably angry when she finds out and is cold and distrustful of jim and saraks interactions during the pregnancy and joint custody like when he has to go to earth for visits). Spock is like 8 yrs old at the time of the pregnancy and he can or can't be happy with Jim. Sarek takes responsibility somewhat and Jim is allowed on Vulcan occasionally (as few humans are) cuz sarek has joint custody of their baby and they both want the baby to know its cultures. But like when the baby is 2 or 3 yrs old. Theres an attack on a alien colony where Sarek and Amanda are visiting doing business. Spocks still on vulcan because of school (he's like 11 now) and is sent to earth to stay with Jim who is now a starfleet cadet (eveyone on earth/academy can either know about his child with the vulcan ambassador from brfore he entets the academy and are kinda two faced about it or they can find out when spock shows up) as the baby is the only other familial link he has which will make control easier or something. They find out Amanda died and Sarek is still missing. Spock breaks down and the baby helps. It can be a short oneshot of spock/kirk bonding or an entire thing with loads of drama and kirk/sarek family end game. All i know is for me to foget this it needs to happen and i can't write it myself.